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Our staff here at Vacation Pools is here to make your outdoor living space reflect your idea of the perfect outdoor retreat and eliminate the labor of keeping it beautiful. From custom pool building complete with exotic water and landscaping features to the ongoing routine maintenance and cleaning we've got you covered.


Vacation Pools can create your dream vacation oasis right in your own backyard. There is unlimited possibilities with our custom pool building solutions and the best part is they are all tailor made just for you. Whether you are looking for very simple or more exotic designs, our pool builders will surely deliver your dream.

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What better way to create a dream in your backyard than with a luxurious in ground spa or above ground jacuzzi. Having a nice warm hot tub to relax in after a long day or to enjoy with friends and family is just what you need to make your backyard vacation oasis complete.

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Our pool builders are experts at transforming outdoor living spaces. Whether you are looking to remodel or add new features to your existing pool or spa, or to transform your pool’s surrounding landscape, our experts can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

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Pool Service

One of the most important factors in keeping your pool and spa beautiful and enjoyable is keeping it clean and the equipment well maintained. Our pool experts will make sure your pools stays sparkling clean and that your equipment gets the maintenance it needs.

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Landscape Service

Vacation Pools can install just the right backyard landscaping features that surround your pool or spa to create your version of the perfect retreat. Our experts can also help your choose quality, low maintenance landscaping options that will help keep your pool and spa cleaner.

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Our custom pool builders are expert craftsman when it comes to pool decking. Whether you are looking for a traditional smooth concrete finish, colored concrete decking, or your prefer to look of stone pavers, we can give you the pool deck you want.

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Artificial Turf

We can give you the look of grass you love without the extra water cost and maintenance grass requires. Artificial grass is a great solution for your pool surrounding, backyard landscaping and the recreational activities you love.

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BBQ & Fire Pits

Turn your backyard into a true outdoor living space with an outdoor kitchen with built in bbq and fire pit. Entertaining poolside couldn’t be more fun or convenient than with a built in outdoor bbq and fire pit.

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