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It’s obvious how much of an impact that a pool’s surrounding landscape can have on the amount of cleaning maintenance your pool requires but your backyard landscaping can also make a dramatic difference in the level of enjoyment you have while spending time in the pool or outdoors. Our goal is to create a low maintenance, eco friendly outdoor oasis using landscape features that are both beautiful and practical.

From plant, shrubs, tree and grass selection to waterfalls, rock scapes, and pool decking there isn’t one aspect of your outdoor landscaping that our trained and experienced experts are not qualified to handle. We can give you the luxurious, relaxing, fun or exciting landscaping features you need to make your outdoor vacation complete. Our experts will help you to select just the right landscaping elements to make your backyard a place you love spending time in with the lowest amount of ongoing maintenance required.

Our goal is to bring a vacation type atmosphere right to your own backyard so that when we complete your landscaping project you have a beautiful outdoor retreat available to you any time at your convenience. When your landscaping remodel is completed you’ll truly understand why we’re called Vacation Pools and why for over 30 years we’ve been recognized as one of Southern California’s top pool contractors and backyard landscaping specialists.

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