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Artificial Turf

With the water shortage happening in California and water costs increasing, transitioning your backyard landscape to artificial grass is both an eco friendly and financially responsible choice. Our experts can help you to select the synthetic turf material that matches your preference of grass type and install it to make your backyard landscape a beautiful and low maintenance space.

One of the major benefits to using artificial grass in your backyard is that unlike natural grass chlorinated or salinated pool and spa water does not destroy it. This is one reason homeowners that have a pool or spa in their backyard are choosing to use artificial turf more often for pool decking and landscaping along with the benefit of not having to invest much time or energy into its upkeep. With artificial grass you get a beautifully green, natural looking lawn all year long without all the mowing, hedging, trimming and watering attached to having real grass.

In addition to using artificial turf for pool decking and landscaping, many homeowners have also realized they can bring their most loved recreational activity right into their own backyard by using their artificial grass lawn as a putting green or pet area. Our synthetic turf experts will help you to select the right artificial grass material to suit your outdoor living needs and install it to give you an always immaculately groomed and green lawn.

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